Hey, I'm Dev ;) ... Full Stack Coding Ninja

My Expertise

Javascript is my Girlfriend (Trendy, Adventurours and Crazy at times) and Java is my beloved Wife (Caring, Loyal and Understanding). I live at AWS (Amazon Web Services) and Moving to Azure soon.


Having 4+ years of relation with cute two cute kids, Spring and Hibernate


Fell in Love back last year, I love all of her flavours, React and Angular and Express


You can either find me relaxing @ S3, or working @ EC2 or having fun @ Lambda. I love sitting beside CloudWatch and staring at tailf.



Discovery of Node.js by a Java Developer

Then I came to know about some platform, which enables “so called developers“ (not the real ones, real ones use Java, remember) to use JavaScript on the server. I said how lame. Are they going to create beautiful pages on server :D ?

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Multi-Tenancy in a story

Multi-Tenancy is not easy to understand, let me help you explain it, taking example of my dream venture Cool-Pool

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Introduction to Dataomic

Datomic is a new kind of database. Did I hear a database — what another database??? There are tons of database out there, then why chose Datomic ?

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